Welcome to Touch of Seychelles!

We proudly hail from the beautiful islands of the Republic of Seychelles, a homegrown initiative that was ironically inspired by our nation’s struggles, from the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on our once flourishing economy.
Touch of Seychelles (TOS) is the nation's first online multi-vendor selling platform, a marketplace that offers Seychelles made products from the islands to the world.

Due to the closing of the country’s borders and the global ceasing of international travel, the tourism industry and trade suffered a devastating blow… one that reverberated throughout the whole economy.

Our country’s much needed tourists could no longer come to us, bringing to a sudden halt the income flow of many local businesses and vendors.

“If the world cannot come to the Seychelles, then we will bring Seychelles to them… or at least, a 'touch' of it.”

How TOS came to be?

As a response to the economic crisis, we thought to ourselves: “If the world cannot come to the Seychelles, then we will bring Seychelles to them… or at least, a touch of it.” TOS aims to give the Seychelles people the power to make an online income.
By offering to the world the locally made products that reflect the culture, traditions and beauty of the islands, and making it part of their own homes… wherever it may be!

Designed for strictly Seychelles residents and businesses, interested people can sign up to open up their own shops within the platform and become official TOS Vendors. By doing so, they will be able to upload photos of their products and services, sell to buyers and get paid online, directly through their bank accounts.

Perfect for artists and musicians, artisans and craftsmen, painters and photographers… the only limit will be our imaginations and creativity!

Touch of Seychelles… from paradise, with love!

To become a TOS Vendor, e-mail your details to info@touchofseychelles.com or text/WhatsApp them to +248 2 849 824.

Low Listing Fee

Very low listing fee with very for a market as big as over 1 billion buyers. Being the first of its kind and having very high requirements to deliver a world wide service. We do believe that the fees we charge are very affordable for both buyer & seller alike.

Powerful Shop Tools

Find what you're looking for instantly by our easy to browse system. Everything is categorised and with the help of filters you can find exactly what you are looking for instantly.

Seller Protection

Because our platform is fully controlled by us that means we can protect both our buyers and sellers to guarantee safe commerce between both parties.

Secure Transactions

By using our Hosted page checkout means that we don't have any access to your credit card details, Only visa themselves gets access to your credit card information to process your payments, All we need is confirmation from them.

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